This poster was my final project in my Typography 1 class. Our assignment was to create a poster for a concert being played by Boston Symphony Orchestra. We were required to use typefaces from the fifteen classic typefaces we reviewed during the semester. Utilizing grids as well as contrast were focuses of the assignment. We began by making numerous thumbnails and drafts, and improved our posters through class critiques.
For my poster, I chose to evoke a mood of sophistication. I used Bodoni for my primary typeface and Franklin Gothic for my secondary typeface. Bodoni was chosen to emphasize the sophisticated tone, and a deep pink filter was placed over the background image to evoke this tone as well.
Here are the initial sketches for my poster. I experimented with various ways to layout the type and organize hierarchy.
My poster developed through numerous drafts. The layout was altered and lowercase styling was added for titles. For the final piece, the deep pink filter was added to enforce the mood and to increase legibility for the user.