For this infographic, I wanted to illustrate useful information about sugar substitutions in a playful manner. The purpose of this design was to provide sugar alternatives for those with restrictive diets and those whom wish to decrease their sugar intake. It aims to encourage the user to live a healthier lifestyle by informing about various sugar substitutions. As a baker, I have experimented with these various ingredients and found it useful to organize the information into an infographic. The four alternatives displayed are bananas, applesauce, honey and maple syrup. The measurements on the left side of the design indicate how much of each ingredient should be used relative to one cup of sugar. Notes and tips about each ingredient are listed.
This infographic was designed with a fun and bold tone. I utilized a strong color scheme of blue and purple to enforce the mood as well as provide contrast for the illustrations and type. I created illustrations for each ingredient, which brought movement to the piece. The typeface Maple was used for the title, and Montserrat was used for the body type. Maple has the charisma and playfulness to fit the design, and Montserrat was ideal for legibility at a small size.